Learn to bust the fences with the revolutionary laser device.
The Fence Buster is the only device of its kind to teach baseball and softball players the necessary momentum generated through kinetic linking of the hips, shoulders and hands for the maximum bat speed generated at the point of contact.  The device creates proper swing mechanics required for young players and precise hand positioning to the professional.  

The results have been amazing.  Simplifying the amount of work a coach has to do and making the game fun to practice.  Just teach them in three easy steps.    The latest in laser light technology is literally a coach in your bag.  

This revolutionary device is simple to use!  Apply it to any bat!  Kids absolutely love using it!  They can work effectively on their own. Its as easy as 1 (proper setup), 2 (core rotation), Swing(arms follow).  These easy steps to start busting the fences.   

This device will ensure your athletes ( Baseball / Softball)
    1.  Have fun utilizing the precision laser light technology for proper hand positioning. "Rotated hips with Hands inside the ball"
    2.  Visual reference for buidling muscle memory and to give the hitter instant feedback!.
    2.  Increase bat speed with the device in only a few weeks!
    3.  Develop proper path to the ball. "Palm up, palm down at contact."  "It's a coach in bag!"
    4.  Drive the ball with the barrel of the bat.  "Reduce handle shots!"
    5.  Ensures the hips, hands and elbow are in linked together with the body.Softball players can practice hitting high pitch(rise ball) with confidence. 
The Fencebuster is here!!!!!! 

Short Video.  See other videos on Video Page
The Fencebuster: "guiding laser light to the perfect swing, you don't want warning track power"

On Sale now through April not 39.99.  Now just $29.99. 

Group pricing available please call 847-393-3953
The Fence Buster Baseball training device Home Page
The Fence Buster Baseball training device Home Page
The Fence Buster Baseball training device Home Page

If you would like additional information please contact BrettLinbo@fencebusterbaseball.com or ScottHanson@fencebusterbaseball.com
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